A Letter from Death, [Appreciation and Commendation]

A Letter from Death, [Appreciation and Commendation]

Dear Humans,

Misters, Mr, Misses and Mrs. Wait, Isn't that awkward seeing as you can't [don't] have a way of writing plural for 'Mr' and 'Mrs' cause then adding 's' will be like (Mrs and Mrss), does that mean you can't have more than one married men and women in a sentence,, as a word to say, anyway that's far the purpose of my letter.

I write to commend you on your unwavering dedication to my course since the beginning of times, 

My achievements will not be spoken of less for your existence. 

I own the reverence am given, all because of your undoubted commitments.

"Humans cannot be trusted" it is said "Humans cannot be trusted" but this, i see as an ostentatious statement seeing as never have you left my request unmet, you respond absolutely and adequately to my calls, well except on few occasions, some of you run back to my brother Life, of whom I despise so much, not that, that's the point. No matter given your reputations I can ignore  the few.

It is with great honor I write this appreciation, and I look forward to future businesses.




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