Anonymous Messages: End In Tears?

Anonymous Messages: End In Tears?

The late part of the week before last week saw a new trend: Anonymous messages. A feature that enabled friends and companions talk to a person without the person knowing who sent the message. 

An anonymous love message

It was primarily used to convey feelings of love and praise until a darker part of it emerged: Group messaging. An account will be created on behalf a group of people; a family, a department in the university, and so on. Instead of being a revealer of feelings and emotions, it became a haven for hate and uncovering of secrets and dark things going on between people.

Sex scandals were chief among them, alongside physical flaws and interpersonal quarrels. Here are a few to get you started:
Anonymous message gone wrong

Anonymous message gone wrong

Anonymous message gone wrong

even the SUG executives were involved:

Anonymous message gone wrong

Anonymous message gone wrong

Anonymous message gone wrong

It eventually became a case of: anonymous message gone wrong when a lecturer was involved, A short story:
A short anonymous story

And then...

and it's a case of
Anonymous message gone wrong

So far, egos have been bruised, secrets blown, love confessed, hatred made known to everyone. And slowly, the trend has begun to die. There are speculations that it will ruin relationships but so far people have recovered quite quickly.

In a bid to enliven the idea of anonymous messaging, Bonychicken has rolled its own anonymous messaging. It comes with a special feature: you can allow visitors to view your messages. To activate yours click here

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  • pez
    1 year, 6 months ago

    This anonymous message is annoying at tym some tyms people fake got into me de day my group was doing it. Someone said something about me but I was like this is rubbish

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