Are You A Writer? Can You Write Articles? This Is For You

Are You A Writer? Can You Write Articles? This Is For You

The Students Editorial Board (SEB) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, calls for the submission of articles and contributions to the second edition of VETERINARY EAGLE an annual publication of the Association of Veterinary Medical Students (AVMS). 


Submission Requirements/Guidelines 

The Editorial team accepts articles/contributions that concentrates on but not limited to health, education, science and technology, career, poetry, sports, fashion, and entertainment, riddles, jokes, cartoon e.t.c  

  • Eligibility: It is open to all the members of the public. 

  • Format: Articles/contributions should be clear and concise, and adopts the British grammar, spelling and punctuation format. It should be an unpublished work and reflect the originality of the author; plagiarized articles will only be accepted if credit is given to the author. 

  • Text size: 12px 

  • Font:Times New Roman 

  • Word count: 600 words maximum. 

  • Spacing: Single spaced 

  • Graphics: All graphics/pictures should be in JPEG format and at least 16mp.



Submit all articles and contributions via email to: 

Failure to adhere to the guidelines will lead to disqualification of the article. Everyone can produce content that will inspire and enlighten many. Kindly utilise this opportunity.


Contact the Deputy Editor (Lasisi Aisha - DVM III - 07014061506) or ( Laurel Aniemeka - DVM II- 07065183578) for more enquiries. 


Call closes July 1st 2020.




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