Covid-19: A Second Wave Of The Coronavirus Imminent

Covid-19: A Second Wave Of The Coronavirus Imminent

Covid-19: A Second Wave of the Coronavirus Imminent. 

There is yet to be any vaccine or a standard drug for the Corona Virus disease called Covid-19, even though it's now over 6 months down the line of a worldwide effort to finding a solution. Having infected over 10 million people in the past 6 months according to reported cases as collated by the John Hopkins Hospital, USA, this virus has affected the world in every area and  threatening to bring the world economy crawling on its knees.

Recently, countries all over the world have gradually been lifting restrictions in order to allow people carry out commerce as a lot of people have become jobless already due to the pandemic. People were advised to use mask in public places, observe hygienic washing of hands and maintaining a social distance. The following of these instructions cannot be said to have produced the best results, but it certainly is our best shot in containing the virus.

It is appalling that we're most likely to be at the verge of a second wave of the spread of the dreaded virus  pushing us back into lockdown. Our fears are justified as nations which were once thought have been able to control the virus are now reporting high number of new cases everyday. A very good example is China which has halted the spread of the virus after it has infected over all 84,000. It seems now that China would be hard hit again and maybe this time more deadly. The USA has the highest number of reported cases in the world as well as the highest reported death. In Nigeria, New cases are being reported daily by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and it is ever increasing. 

Having been 6 months down this path, we  may have to come to terms with living with the virus as we have done with  HIV. A vaccine usually would take a long time, but the Corona virus case is even more tricky as the virus continues to mutate. This may be the new normal. Nonetheless, we cannot give up the fight yet. Let's keep up the good fight against the virus. We've just got to do something, new normal or not! 

-Mr Kalejaiye

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