Death Tales {Little Baby, Sweetly Sleep}

Death Tales {Little Baby, Sweetly Sleep}

I felt tired walking into the hall. I was disappointed a little seeing a lecture in session. I quickly shuffled to the back attracting no attention since I wasn't a part of the class. I sat in the last row near a young woman with a baby. The little thing was as pretty as an angel.  The mother on the other hand was despicable to my eyes.

She glanced at me with unsteady eyes and winced, "Can you please help me hold him? I need to relieve myself, the toilet is a little far from here. You won't be leaving anytime soon, isn't it? ". "Definitely not. I'll hold him for you", I readily agreed with a smile and collected the baby. I caught the whiff of vanilla scent as the mother shuffled towards the door. 

I looked at the baby in my arms, it cooed softly. I'm pretty good with babies by the way. His arms were so soft and weak. I twisted it a little to see how far it would turn without breaking. I had barely gone far when he screamed to show displeasure. The lecturer shifted his gaze from his students to me saying, "please get the baby out of here". I was annoyed but suppressed it with a smile. The baby was emitting loops of timed wails, adding more intensity to the gaze of the lecturer and then he looked away, clearly disinterested. 

I looked at the baby and have it a smug smile. Then I held it's fragile neck and twisted it like a wet shirt. The sound was neither crisp nor loud, neither satisfying nor perfect. The wails stopped immediately. Blood spurted on my blue shirt, the pressure weak since babies had little sweet hearts... 

I breezed out of the class before anyone noticed. I had barely walked out, when I ran into the mother. She stared at me in horror and dashed in to find her baby.

The motorcycle rider moved fast enough as I wanted... 

Death count: 5

Death quote: "'The young shall grow' is only a pitiful wish"


Photo by _Mxsh_ on Unsplash

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