Death Tales {Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones}

Death Tales {Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones}

She was always drawn to cars and was staring at the finish of the 'Tortoise' car. I had promised her that I would make it as good as new even though it had been by the roadside for time much longer than age itself and had become as decrepit as possible. 

"I can bring the jack now? So you'll check the nether regions of the car", she said while picking up the jack and setting it under the car. It was funny she called it 'nether regions' but I had little to say about it. 

She proceeded to cranking up the jack. Slowly, the car was lifted up amidst painful groans from the already loose metal.

When the back of the car was high enough, I slid a mat under it and retrieved the car keys from my pocket and faced her, "This is your part, you'll go under and place your hand on the exhaust to see if it's hot when I start the car"
She wasn't too smart about exhausts... 

As I walked to the driver's side of the car, she slid under with her waist and legs sticking out... Exactly as I wanted... 

I turned back and picked up a big stone. Walking to the Jack, I hit it as hard as hell. 500+ kg of metal and rubber came crashing down on her... 

Red flowed beautifully, making the black earth more art-like... 

The grey mass of brains were not too visible. The crushed waist was like pudding, except it wasn't baked.

I never told her to fix the Jack, I hate people making decisions on their own...


Death count: 3

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