Foreign languages examinations and exams terror

Foreign languages examinations and exams terror

The Japanese Language examinations yesterday were nothing short of an abstracted hell perhaps for all students. 

Foreign languages had recently been introduced by the vice chancellor as part of collaboration between the university and foreign countries in a bid to elevate the university's status to that of a world-class institution. 

Languages such as Japanese, Arabic and Spanish were introduced to the lower half of the educational levels and classes had barely commenced when the coronavirus pandemic hit Nigeria. 

Since then, up till now, it has been noted that students had barely received classes and had grossly underestimated the questioning ability of the university teaching staff as regards an unknown language. 

UofA Japanese exam questions

Students were simply frustrated by the exams complexity and aired their complaints in many ways. A student, Richard had noted that he had little experience with Japanese and inspire that he could only attempt a few questions. He didn't fail to mention that even Japanese natives would blanch at the sight of the questions. 

Perhaps, the inclusion of languages more foreign than French is a bit extreme given the difficulty rating associated with UofA examinations. 

Perhaps it would also foster international relations and recognition at the possible expense of numerous carry-overs and outstandings.

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