How To Know Who Sent You That Anonymous Message

How To Know Who Sent You That Anonymous Message

I couldn't hold it anymore! Everyone was posting links on their statuses, links that were prompting me to type a message anonymously. I wanted to but I didn't want to be like others: I wanted to know who sent me the messages.

So, I clicked on the link of a friend of mine, typed some stuffs and waited for the website to prompt me to create an account. That took forever! In my impatience, I typed the url myself and created the account. I had given up hope on ever knowing who would send me messages. I copied my link and opened WhatsApp. I pasted it on my status and was about clicking on the send button when an idea popped into my head. An idea so sinister that I'm sure the devil will revolt at the sight of it.

I'm going to share this idea with you. First of all, you'll promise me not to misuse it or use it against me. I remain innocent. Any damages incurred by your implemention of the idea is none of my business. Alright then! Let's move

You were not expecting more than one ways, were you? 

Well, we've got two methods. One obviously easier than the other:

Multiple accounts

This one requires you to create multiple accounts but with similar usernames. You'll most likely use the same password for all: you wouldn't want to cram 12 passwords would you? The similarities should be glaring. For example I'll have accounts with usernames: Lord_Sarcastic, Lord_Sarcastic1, Lord_Sarcastic2 and so on. Now, here comes the evil part:

Send one of each link to a specific contact. You could select people who you think they're more likely to want to say something about you. At the end of the day, you'll have a dozen emotional problems xD. Then you can login to each account and check what each person has said about you.

WhatsApp Status trick 

I recently discovered that I could make my statuses show for only one of my contacts so this idea wasn't hard to form. You'll need only one account for this though. You could work with multiples in this case to spice it up.

Create your account and copy the link. Then follow the steps below

  1. Go to your WhatsApp status and click on the three dots at the left corner.  My screen display is flipped so it would look strange to you. Status view on WhatsApp
  2. Select the highlighted optionStatus privacy option selected
  3. Select to only show to a contact,  highlighted belowSelected "only share with"
  4. Select a contact. I picked Catherine cos I love the nameSelected a contact Candy can give me high sugar levels
  5. Click on the green mark, I don't want you seeing my contacts Clicked on green button in the bottom right corner
  6. We're almost done, but not until you click "done"Clicked on "done"

Now you post the link on your status and only the selected contact(Catherine in my case) would see it. To maximize the effect, after a few hours, post it again and select a different contact. You can then track them based on the time they viewed your status. 


So that's all! Now you know what to do, don't you? I can hear you say, "But I've sent my link before, they won't want to fill it again". Well, how to convince them to retype something about you is entirely up to you. I'm not about to teach you a lie. 


I'll summarize the steps again below:

Method 1

  1. Create multiple accounts with similar usernames. 
  2. For each link, select one of your contacts and send it to them specifically .
  3. Wait for replies.

Method 2

  1. Create an account.
  2. Change your status privacy setting to allow only a specific contact to view the status.
  3. Post the link on your status. You can repost it several hours later for a different contact.
  4. Track them by the time they viewed your status.
  5. Remember to revert your privacy settings to its original state.

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