Love [Should that I find her]

Love [Should that I find her]


Love from whence shall I her find, 
to and fro the earth, maybe,
The ocean sail, on a ship or a boot, a canoe maybe,
For whence find I her.

Upon tops, the mountains,
Within low the valley's,
Amidst the night shadows or the morning stars.

For whence shall I her find,
Shall I within the forest trees, where sings the birds,
Shall I the oceans depth or upon its shores,
The deserts heart.

For what avail must I seek,
Shall I meself be worthy proven?
Walk through fire,
Must I a dragon kill.

What knowledge requires I,
Shall I become as an artist,
An astrologer, a doctor maybe,
All the fields of study.

Must I all knowledge acquire,
Tribes all to speak.
For I will sail to the worlds end,
Shall I there find her.

Once thought I all this,
That the worlds end must I go,
Fire unburnt through, Hells gate,
Must, that I find her that I seek.

Sight you was redressed my ideas,
For never have I, her met,
Nor in kind, known her,
Resemblance or in color, I knew not.

With you have I her felt,
Unsuredly in plain,
If it be not her,
Then what I feel, do I not know.



Love one of the worlds mysteries, to me. I ask myself all the time one question about it. Why do people love people? Anyone will tell you love follows individualism, there can't be, to rightly say, this is a general reason why people love people.
I wrote this after haven't had an encounter with a female I believed to have subsequently develop this feelings for, what to call them I did not know.
The writing clearly talk about love, asking where it can be found, referring to it as a person it says "from whence shall I find her" and if there was these things to be done to find her.
I've heard alot of people say those three quite universally popular words to themselves, with its unchanging sequence "l Love You" I find it over time, some people keep saying it over and over again it begins to lose its value and in-depth meaning. So I wrote this as a way of saying that with out actually saying it, and still maintain its direct meaning.
I read this piece to my sister, and she asked. So, what is it saying? I simply answered. it's just saying those words I LOVE YOU.


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