Men's Desires

Men's Desires

Vast in ways, many, our desires. Are there not?
Their colors many, to what shall we compare?
What say the numbers, can words enough describe?
To what shall we compare?
To himself a man, beyond the mountains, down the valleys low, shall I go, find shall I what's sought.
Food for my belly, shall I find says another,
Linen and Animal skin, shall I myself clothe, 
Shall what I seek be found

But from whence. 
The mountains top, the oceans, the depth even, 
within the forest trees, amidst the singing birds,
Under the heat of the deserts sun, or within it's sands 
Beneath the earth's rocks, the valleys maybe? Or the skies above.
The worlds end or hell itself, be it.
For out a course to it find, shall I set, what I sought.

Oh! Joy with me, my bands herewith,
For top the mountains shrouded with mist
morning, sun rise to day light. 
found I what I sought,
Oh! Joy with me, my bands herewith

This, be one yet still, the beginning, again must I out set another for; done, it be found, then another must i, and another, again another, and another.........!

Men's desires, insatiable As unquenchable,
ever in a quest for satisfaction

Men's desires, An unending episode of want,
He earns one and tells himself, another lies still beyond,
To the end this achievements, the things he will do, task whereon he will take

Men's desires, roots of them both, his fortune and his misfortune alike.


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