Mosquitos a Poem by Chyna

Mosquitos a Poem by Chyna


Many times, Ah! Too many times have ye stolen the comfort of my cozy home!

Oh! The night times are by far the worst, for I begin to debate, ye or I, who owns the house?

Shoo away ye insolent bug, my ears crave not the tunes of thy infectious hums!

Quit it I say! This merciless journey to satisfy thy blood lust and cover me in itchy bumps!

Under my duvet ye sneak in for a warm meal and with sleepy eyes I hit myself as ye hum louder in mockery.

Infections! Curse ye, ye evil bug now I walk with a limp whilst you fly away in search of another victim.

Tonight I hope ye can hear the 'shhhh' of insecticides, Alas! I refuse to be thy meal anymore 

Oh! How peaceful is the night without a certain bug in sight?

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