Soldiers Storm Into Uniabuja, Beat Up Student

Soldiers Storm Into Uniabuja, Beat Up Student

The event occurred around 8pm today (10th May 2018) at the front of the ETF main hall. Soldiers stormed the school environment to beat a student reportedly named 'Austin' (Name withheld for security reasons) . It was uncalled for as the event totally shocked every individual who witnessed it at the spot. Information reaching Bonychicken says that Austin had walked into the room of a fellow student, Rafael (Name withheld) taking his phone for unknown reasons. Rather unfortunately for Austin, Rafael's father happened to be an Army General who disposed soldiers under his command to begin a quest for brutal revenge.

Half of hell was let loose for the young man as he was found at the ETF hall and brutalized almost beyond recognition.
Eye witnesses said that this was unfair: "Soldiers don't have the right to barge into the school premises and bully students this way" said one student. Reports are that Austin was rescued by a staff of the school. Students around obviously showed their anger towards this horrendous menace.

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