The Fate of the Nigerian Student - Are we all Pawns in this Game?

The Fate of the Nigerian Student - Are we all Pawns in this Game?

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ASUU Strike/Aftermath of the Virus

It all happened in front of our eyes, we are all witnesses to it, our noses sniffed it up quite well but our mouths are heavy, we don't know how to express ourselves concerning the things we've seen so far.

It is no news that the Coronavirus pandemic brought the economy to its knees and the people who felt the impact the more, are those people at the lower rung of the ladder - the poor and the very poor.

The pandemic also distorted the schools academic calendar beyond recognition and all the plans of many, both; non - academic and academic staffs, lectures and students fell like a pack of cards in a casino. The damage was of grievous sort, an unexpected turnout of events.

We've been through the pandemic and are still in it, we are very much able to raise our heads above water as we've adapted to the  new normal.

The educational system have someworth seemingly conciled. The directive to open schools for exit classes by the Federal Government was a good starting point. That was months ago. Now a directive has been given that all schools be opened provided they follow the COVID-19 prevention protocols. Tertiary institutions across the nation have resumed duties except the Federal Government Institutions that are under aegis of the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU). It has indeed been a tough time as this body has been in a series of meetings with the Federal Government, in attempt to resolve thier bid to have the schools reopen.

So far, the meetings seems to end with one party disagreeing with the other concerning mode and means of payment of outstanding depts to the body.

The student are in the midst of this confusion as time is no longer on their side and these giants do not seem ready to call off this strike any time soon.

So far, we've heard that the whole issues would be settled and it's just the means of payment provided by the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) that needs to be tested for credibility by the Federal Government. But this has been giving us high hopes only to dash them against the wall after the next meeting.

It now begin to look like the whole thing is a ruse, a facade. Is none of the parties, the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), interested in resolving this.

As it is, the fate of the Nigerian student is still hanging loosely, being tossed about by every wind of information and misinformation.

The student is forced to pause and ask themselves ; are we all characters in this game?

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