The Igala Juju Called AkÉChe (Push)

The Igala Juju Called AkÉChe (Push)


Generally, it's believed that people are responsible for their own actions and inactions as rational being and when they take certain unusual actions or moves, it's felt that they could be under the influence of an alcohol or any intoxicant substance or a conscious decision. But beyond being under the influence of a substance, Igala people have another way of making someone to do something they wouldn't ordinarily do. 

When strange things happen in the Igala land, part of the things people would speculate is their 'àkeche' charm.

Akeche is translation directly in English as  'Push'  to impel something or someone into doing something. It's a spell that, when invoke, compels people into doing something, whatever the one who has invoked it requires of it's victim.
Works almost like the compelling tricks vampires use, except this isn't a movie.

Akeche is a popular magical spell among the Igalas people who are the major occupants of Kogi State, Nigeria. This spell has allegedly been used in pushing people into doing things someone will say there wouldn't do on their own, the victim only wish to satisfy it master. Once it's cast on you, you do whatever the originator or the invoker wants you to do. 

When you are under the influence of Akeche spell, you are no better than a Television who shows whatever it is asked to show with a remote control. Where you go and where you don't go are all in the hands of the manipulator. They could push you into an anything, just anything they wish. 

Black powers of Africa are no jokes, they are real and the Igalas have a rich and intimidating history on black powers. Till date, they have their ways of doctoring things far away from the comfort of their homes or a sacred place.

So, when certain people do some sort of foolhardy things, don't be quick to judge, beside s the religious book the Bible says "thou shall not judge" it could be Akeche, especially when that individual have a link to the Igala land.

Àkéché-gbe ke

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