The Space Between, A Poem On Love, Life And Time, By Somani

The Space Between, A Poem On Love, Life And Time, By Somani

Wasn't life always cruel?
Bringing two hearts together 
Only to be separated from each other 
Dishing them a test of time
With distance the hearts navigate 
Trust And faithfulness to invigilate.

"Hold on to these promises my love!"
HaHaHa, how life laughs
Ignoring their heart's cough
As it embarks on a rove
Watching them battle with lonely nights 
Wishful thoughts brought to the lights.

Insecurity crawls out from its shells
The glass castle of trust cracks
The fears of the heart like Adam lacks
Questions of faithfulness ring like bells
"Who's the lady in the photo?"
"I was certain I heard a man in the patio".

Whatever will be will be
To some cruel life gave its blessings 
To others it gave its lessons
What will not will not
While they in each others arm lay reunited
The rest met only to forever be parted.

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