To What End [Call] The Question

To What End [Call] The Question

Is it hope,
Is it hankering
You hold out to... 
To what end?

That the sun shines
At night giving light,
Seeing the moon light
Isn't enough.. 
To what end?

That the skies gently clouds,
Darkens in its rise,
That it rains during the
Heeding the heart cry
Of the plant,
To what end?

To what end
Do you persist in your acts
Showing concern unending,
Though you receive no appreciation?

In calls and messages
You sort me out,
To what end do you hold?

Is it faith
I beg the know,
Tell me?

How do you not,
In anger that your
Many efforts are not regarded
Rendered useless, inconsequential, 
To say, in negligence?

How do you not,
Forsake this course
In discouragement?

How do you hold
And to what end?

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