Uniabuja Alumnus Tests Positive For Covid-19, Others Debunk Claim

Uniabuja Alumnus Tests Positive For Covid-19, Others Debunk Claim

On Friday, 27th April, Olabanji, an alumnus of the University of Abuja mentioned on his social media account that he had been tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

Covid-19, the strain of coronavirus that is the causative organism of the pandemic is a deadly sickness and has claimed over 120,000 lives worldwide and entered the country on February 29th, with an italian male being its index case.

Olabanji had made a video informing others of the news. He mentioned that he would go into isolation immediately whilst calming down possible fears among followers and listeners that he would be perfectly alright. He then endeared Nigerians to pray for a quick recovery for him.

Despite this, ithe news did not go down well with others, as it was noted that there was no mention of him being tested by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control. He mentioned that "The doctor told me that it does not kill". A medical doctor debunked Olabanji's claim and went on to say that any doctor who says the virus doesn't kill should lose his medical license.

It is hoped that he recovers quickly from his illness.

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