University Decontamination And Fumigation And Other Matters.

University Decontamination And Fumigation And Other Matters.

University Decontamination and Fumigation and Other Matters. 

Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah

My dear University Community,

I am very happy to inform you that from April 22, 2020, and for a few days now, your University is being fully and completely decontaminated and fumigated by a powerful contingency of Federal Fire Service and the Ministry of the Environment, and a few other agencies of the Federal Government, in response to the request made to them by the great UofA of Nigeria. 

From 10am on Wednesday April 22, 2020, they came in the convoy of about 17 vehicles, trucks, cars, vans, etc, and went round our buildings and surroundings, from the Main campus to Mini campus to our other campuses and branches, to the Staff Quarters and each day from that Wednesday at 10am they worked till about 6.15pm, and we expect this to continue till Saturday April 25, 2020, or even a few days beyond. This has been described as an impressive and a milestone event for our campus to which I am grateful to the Federal Fire Service (FFS), which has become a UofA ally since our visit to the FFS Office last year. 

The UofA and the Federal Fire Service has an ongoing joint committee, headed by Mr. Quintus Azuogu, Deputy Controller-General of Fire Service and Dr. Idris Jibrin, Deputy Registrar, Special Services, as co-chairmen, with the responsibility of establishing a functional fire service station on campuses of the UofA of Nigeria and also ensure safety of human beings and buildings. I am grateful to this superb committee and all the committee members for their hard work and selfless service even during this highly dreaded coronavirus outbreak. 

My dear University Community, I have set up an official UofA Covid-19 Committee headed by Professor M. Jamda, Chairman of the University Health Services, to coordinate all efforts towards making the UofA of Nigeria Covid-19 free and, working with the University Health Services, the Office of the University Safety, the Office of Information and University Relations, and all other relevant arms of the University, to make certain that prompt actions and strategies are in place to ensure that all students, staff and campuses of the University of Abuja comply with the highest level of hygiene and health to enable all members of the University community live a life devoid of the infection. Please give this committee a maximum cooperation as they work hard to keep us safe. The committee has theAndroid  mandate to work nationally and internationally to achieve its mandate. 

In one of my recent communications with the University Community, I let you know that the UofA will be a leader in Virtual Classroom System, and that a policy will be developed in which every academic staff will be encouraged to teach at least one of his or her courses online during the regular semester. In this era of Coronavirus Pandemic, it is even more important that your University is ready to go, when our hard working academic staff are back to teaching, to make certain that as long as there is Coronavirus and Government restrictions on movement and travel, that our staff and students can resume the remaining part of our academic semester entirely online. Your great University is up to the task, and I am happy to tell you that a UniAbuja Virtual committee is already at work to make this happen. This University is determined to lead, and to show the way for others to follow! I will keep you posted of progress, and soon we shall be celebrating some Novel achievements in this area.

Finally, I like to take this opportunity to encourage us all to follow the advice often given by the Director, Health Services, to keep safe and healthy during this pandemic. Please read her writeup regularly and heed the advice she gives to all of us. I like to continue to thank you all for your patience in the face of extreme difficulty facing our nation and being shared in many ways by our own staff and students. Please know that with God Almighty on our side, we shall emerge victorious and our University will reopen and staff and students back to do what we like to do best. Humanity wlll rebound with greater vigour!
Continue to exercise, and go back to your writing and reading, and please form notes and teaching materials even as you remain indoors. I heard about a free online library recently and some of you may want to check it out, Z-Library, the World's largest ebook library that contains 4, 975, 000 plus books, 77, 518, 212 scholarly journal articles, and I had some time ago directed the University Library and the ITMS to create a link on UniAbuja Main Website where staff and students can have easy access to this free elibrary, and this has been long done. You can either check the University website or go to the following link for access:

Please bookmark this link, sign in if you can and explore the world of books and research free of charge! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you well and please don't ever hesitate to let me know how I can be of help to you on any matter concerning the University.

All my best wishes,

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