Unturned Stones

Unturned Stones

Blood and conquest, death and glory
Chase one another through generations
Like whirlpools along the Bermuda triangle 

Are these a consequence of the human condition? 
Or just defects in our souls caused by the natural order? 
Are we doomed to continue in this cycle of destruction? 
For how long do we justify harming ourselves while our planet dies slowly? 

Fear rules the mind, creating monsters out of men
Driving us to the very edges of our volatile nature
Projecting our deepest scares to one another whilst hanging ourselves in the process

Like a Shakespearean play
we plot our very demise again and again 
How long till all is lost?
How long till it all ends?

Maybe when the icebergs melt
Maybe when the sun falls down
Maybe when the trees dry up
Will we realise that we are the very problem that we try ever so hard to solve?



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