Uofa Develops E-Learning Facility

Uofa Develops E-Learning Facility

Despite indications that show that the restrictions on movement in the country is coming to an end, The University of Abuja has rolled out a new feature for students: an e-learning system to facilitate online learning. This is coming after the Vice Chancellor had requested suggestions from the university's software development team concerning facilitation of a good learning system devoid and unrestricted by location.

It was reported that a team of developers were created to implement this feature, headed by the Head of the Department of Computer Science who doubles as the Head of the ITMS centre, Proffessor Olumide Owolabi. The team had then rolled out the feature, implementing the online system for all faculties in the university.


The e-learning platform, while still young and new boasts of worthwhile features, such as the ability to learn as a guest, access various faculties and departments among many.

UniAbuja e-learning courses pageA page under Computer science department

An outline of the features are:

  1. Ability to learn as a guest
  2. Access to learning materials from various deparments and faculties
  3. Access to extra curricular learning materials
  4. Easy interface


While the system is undergoing acceptance by the student community, on going criticisms have emerged stating problems with the new system. Opinions have emerged drawing to attention a habit on the university's online facilities which borders on aesthetic value. "They have never built anything beautiful", this opinion says. It cites the university's website and the student management portal as an example, stating the lack of innovation in the design patterns.

Another criticism emerges from the university's standards of ICT in general. Chances that this will be actively continued and developed are slim due to past histories of replacement of ICT services. An example is the university's website which has been changed and replaced every year since 2016. This also affects the student management portal which suffers from the same problem.

The third and final cause of concern is seamlessness. It has been known for the university's online services to fall short of performance when it comes to high traffic instances. This issue is mainly experienced when traffic spikes happen during the begining of an academic session and students rush to pay school fees in order to gain access to book and buy hostel spaces. Another period of bad experience in traffic spikes in the period just before examination when most student head to the student portal to download a copy of their examination slip. The instance of online voting for the 2019 SUG elections showed how little attention is paid to traffic spikes as less than a thousand students were able to vote for a candidate of their choice. This led to dissatisfaction in the polling results.

How to get started

To get started with the e-learning system:

uofa e-learning system login page

  1. Head to the website  here
  2. Scroll down and select the appropriate Faculty and Department respectively.
  3. Select a course to learn
  4. Enter the username which is your matriculation number and a password: student2020

You could also try the guest login system which is not functioning at the time of writing this post.

For the tech savvy

The website was built using BootstrapJQuery and PHP and powered by Moodle, an open source learning system.

What is your experience with the system?

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