Uofa: Eid Al Mubarak To All, From The Vc. Uofa

Uofa: Eid Al Mubarak To All, From The Vc. Uofa

Yesterday the 31st of July, the day these years Muslim annual celebration Wallah was celebrated, The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdul-RasheefN'Allah, Wishes the Students, Staffs of the University and the Nation Peace and Good Health. 

He also chargers the Students and Staffs of the University, University of Abuja, encouraging and commending good works, and informs on intensions and intended implementation in the school featuring activities

His Email;

My dear University Community, 

Let me wish our Muslim brothers and sisters a Eid Al-Mubarak, and also wish the entire campus a wonderful Eid holidays! I pray that this occasion would see our nation and the world move towards a good resolution of all the many problems facing humanity, on top of which is COVID 19! We have had our own share of this at the University of Abuja with news of death and illnesses some of which were affected by coronavirus, and we must continue to do our best to get through this pandemic in peace and good health.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank students and staff that commemorated with me my first year anniversary as Vice Chancellor of the great UofA of Nigeria. I cannot thank you all enough. The committee led by Dr. Grace Anibasa and co-Chair Mr. Sadiq Shuaib, and all management staff and all staff and students, I ask God Almighty to reward you in abundance. I saw the many write ups and messages by staff and students and I am humbled by your great thoughts and wishes. 

Management Staff and I took time to go round the campus and inspected many ongoing projects. That visit reminded us about the much work that needed to be done at our University infrastructurally to take the UofA to new heights. 

Our campus must be attractive and secure enough to make staff and students want to stay and even sleep on campus, it must have capacity as a World Class University to provide all the facilities and infrastructures needed to function in a world class university. The Journey has begun, and we shall get there by the grace of God! 

I am setting up a UniAbuja Garden and Parks Task Force with a mandate to change the face of our university with incredible parks and gardens and also clear the eye sore that are presently menacing as dirts and grasses all around the campus. Twice I instructed the Registrar to issue a Circular banning any form of indiscriminate farming on campus. I assume many people thought the Vice Chancellor is kidding about the warning issued and in deviance to such instruction many have continued as usual to lit our campus with indiscriminate farming. Whoever they are, they would soon find out that this University Management means business. Enough of this shameful turning of a great campus to shoddy vicinity, with dirt and roughness.  

We are also starting our faceoff with encroachments on our campus. If any UofA staff is involved, I want to appeal that they desist without delay because for them would be a more serious consequence. Our goal as we prepare to start fencing our campus, and to begin to secure our University, is to tell those who care to listen that the era of impunity is over. I like to appeal to all staff and students to pray for their University and to be prepared to support her in this endeavor. It will be a rough time as culprits would result to allsorts of tactics. With God on our side, they will meet us well ahead!

Finally, I want to thank you for the journey together this first year, and I look forward to continuing to work with you over the next year and more. Feel free to let me know how I may be helpful to you in your work or studies on campus.

Please, continue your dedication as students and staff on behalf of your University. Remain proud and remain focus. In this country, ours is a University without its type, and the UofA shall take its rightful place. Once again, Happy Eid Al-Adha to us all!


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