UofA First Semester Break Cancelled, Second Semester is Already Begun

UofA First Semester Break Cancelled, Second Semester is Already Begun

At the expense of expected flexing lies an unexpected news from the vice chancellor in the waking hours (for tired students)  of today. 

In a mail sent to the university community, the Vice chancellor had declared that there was little time to waste. With regards to this, the first semester break was declared null and void.

The third paragraph of the disturbing news read: "Classes for the Second Semester 2019-2020 cannot wait, even though we are grading papers and facing other challenges! Please make it to your classes as much as possible as officially second semester started on March 8, 2021, use the virtual classroom often, and see other ways you can engage your students, WhatsApp, etc, and do your best to send them to read in the library, give them work to do, as this academic year will soon run out and we will then face, together, the 2020-2021 Session. We shall survive!"

The message, ending with "we shall survive" was as ominous as ominous messages could be without being sinister.

The second semester is to begin from March 8th (two days ago).

Something Interesting

At the start of the year, the school calendar was in line with the Vice Chancellor's mail with little or no semester or sessional breaks. 

In the climax of the recent protest to the first semester examinations, a different timetable had circulated showing a two-week break scheduled to end on March 22nd.

Timetable as at first semester examinations

After the exams, the previous calendar was reinstated. It would seem that the idea of two sessions in a year is unavoidable in the long run. 

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