UofA: How to Activate Your Student Email Account

UofA: How to Activate Your Student Email Account

The University of Abuja student email was created based off of Google email system, so to access your account which would be made possible after activation. You must follow the Google email login base.

Below is a step by step procedure to activating your account for prompt access;

Visit the like accounts.google.com on you mobile or computer system, it will bring you to a page where you are required to enter your  email.


Enter your UniAbuja email following the format; surname.nameyearofentry@uniabuja.edu.ng

For example;
John Robot with matric number 17_ _ _ _ _ _ meaning Robot got admission in 2017 will have his email as; (john.robot2017@uniabuja.edu.ng)

Abraham Richard Ugbo-ojoide, with matric number 18 _ _ _ _ _ _ Richard got admitted in 2018, his email will be (abraham.richard2017@uniabuja.edu.ng)

If you face troubles like this;

Try bringing the username before the surname in the form; name.surnameyearofentry@uniabuja.edu.ng
and should you have a middle name, if yet it doesn't work, replacement sequencially the name with the middle name, surname with middle name and so on.

And this;

This is a google human, robot verification system just do the required and you'd be fine,

It might not show for yours as it is trigger by unclear activities, like rewriting the email more than once, if it doesn't, it means you are a good boy and not a Yahoo boy. If it shows for yours it means google identified you as a Yahoo boy RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!... Ha! Ha...Ha.. Kidding it's nothing like that.

Click "next" to proceed


Once demanded the default password is either
student2019 or user2019, substitute if one doesn't work and you'd be fine

Once you are in with this;

Create your own personal password and proceed to adding other requested account details, and finally. You are fine.

Ha! Ha... Ha....! Wow! Clap for yourself, you have successfully activated your UniAbuja email account. Congrats Bro. Or 6, as in Sis, Mr, Mister, Miss or Mrs or Misses if there's any like that,, just kidding there's nothing like that, not yet.

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