UofA: On the malfunctioning of the Integrated Student Portal

UofA: On the malfunctioning of the Integrated Student Portal

Since the incessant malfunctioning of the UofA's integrated portal for admission, concerns has been raised as pertaining its ease of usage. 

To calm all fears, the Public Relations Officer of the Student Union Government in the university mentioned in a circular yesterday(edited for clarity):

"I'm glad to inform you that today I have duly engaged (the) body in charge (in) which they promised to rectify all issues on the portal that have prevented many from registering."

This urges those yet to complete their registration due to the malfunctioning of the said portal to in patience, persistently try, as these malfunctions would be fixed promptly. 

He added as regarding the deadline for the registration:
"Please note that the deadline still remains Friday, November 27th 2020, therefore disregard any information claiming it's closing sooner than this date."

It was further gleaned that a Post UTME Examination of any kind for this year wouldn't be held; a result of the current state of the country and the world.

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