Uofa Resumption Looms Near

Uofa Resumption Looms Near

Following the announcement by the Federal government on resumption, there have been indications that the University of Abuja would be resuming very soon.

The federal government had recently announced the need for students in the final stage of their academic level, to finish their exams. This includes Primary 6, JSS3, SSS3 and final year students in higher institutions with Common Entrance, Junior WAEC, Senior WAEC and final year exams respectively. 

This indications are showing after the launch of UofA(Uniabuja relatively new alias) e-learning website to enable support of classes where human contact would be unavailable. 

While, various organizations are on the way to recovering on its usual activities after the relaxing of the interstate travel ban, some staffs in the university have recommended normal activities that would only be carried out during school sessions. 

Meanwhile, renovations have been going on in the university. These includes sporting structures, improvement in the agricultural activities of the Agriculture Faculty and subsequent press releases by the Vice Chancellor. 

Despite a possible <here> of coronavirus around the world, the Nigerian government is poised to save the economy instead and ensure commencement of day to day activities and this includes school resumption. 

On another note, it is widely seen around the country: the springing up of coaching for students in lower level of education. This is a business-like response from the money-oriented section of the population trying to solve their personal money problems while ensuring that the minds of students remains sharpened in the process.

On the whole, the university management is yet to give an official response as pertaining a resumption date either for the final year students or the general population of its students. 

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