UofA: Students and the Face/Nose Mask Protocol

UofA: Students and the Face/Nose Mask Protocol

Aside the known reluctancy of students to ware the nose mask or face mask, one of sounding protocols that must be observed in the bid to curb the further or negate the spread of the virus, that is now seemingly enforce by the school security at every gate post in the school. 

It is agreeably uneasy for students to follow through with this particular protocols given circumstances
Students are forced to put off their mask in halls during lectures as there is a high, low rate of ventilation
In addition to these the absence of light, electricity. Electricity at the Mini Campus is unstable, (reporting from Mini Campus today), while students struggle to bite of the crumbs of air sipping into the hall the widow and sluggishly propelling fans, it is further worsen when the light is taken.

The students resort to taken off their face mask and finding however a way to ventilate themselves as there must remain in the hall till the lecture times out.

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