UofA: Surviving Covid-19 Pandemic in the Campus, Health Summit

UofA: Surviving Covid-19 Pandemic in the Campus, Health Summit

Board University Health Services in collaboration with Covid-19 Committee, holds a first Health Summit, aimed at viewing the subject: Surviving Covid-19 in the campus.
In her invitation to the University Community through the students email on the 28th of January 2021, she details;

The Board of University Health Sciences  (UHS) invites the university community to the 1st Health Summit scheduled as follows:
Date: 1st February 2021
Time: 4.15 – 5.45pm


1. GoogleMeet  Google meet

 2. University of Abuja, Radio 89.9 FM. 
Also online at UniAbuja Online Radio

Theme: Surviving covid-19 pandemic in the campus. 


-  Covid-19 basics

-  Hostel accommodation during covid-19 pandemic

-  Personal Hygiene and care of the reusable face mask

-  Classroom management during covid-19 pandemic

-  Handwashing during covid-19 pandemic

-  Compliance to covid-19 protocol for campus shuttle, "Keke" and other means of transportation 

-  Enforcement of covid-19 protocols in the campus

-  Covid-19 vaccine: accept or reject?


1. Prof Mustapha Jamda

2. Prof Abdulkabir Ayanniyi

3. Dr. Alexander Akor 

4. Dr. Umar Kari

5. Chief Safety Officer (UofA)



Jerome Somide 

Secretary Board, University Health Services. (UHS)

Believing as stated, the theme of this summit is aimed at addressing an important subject required, even now as the students commence physical resumption, it is important that we all be in attendance in the listening, however through the two venues state above.

God Bless Us, God Bless Nigeria.

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