UofA: Updates on the Schools Management Response to Students Demands

UofA: Updates on the Schools Management Response to Students Demands

In response to students complains and demands after the protest armed with a 4 point agenda, and various push on the school management by the SUG

The school management has decided to extend the application and payment of school fees till the first week of exams. 
The Examination date has also been shifted by one week from February 15th, having the new date 22nd of February 2021
As agreed by the Vice Chancellor

All application concerning the school fees payment must be made to academicofficer@uniabuja.edu.ng sending in your complaints and details and it will be rectified 

Include these details in your email;

Full Name
Matriculation Number 

Make sure to go straight to the point with your email


The management has waived the #5000 payment on late registration, and those who have paid before the waiver, will have their money refunded.
It has been noted that although this stands some students find it difficult and can't register thier courses without making this payment
Students in this condition are to summit their; Matric Number, Level, Course of Study, and an Evidence of School fees Payment, to the SUG PRO(OLARHYMES). "All submission will be batch-loaded and they will be able to register their courses"
Submissions are to be made physically and during school hours

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