Updates on UofA resumption and virtual classes

Updates on UofA resumption and virtual classes

With the recent explosion in anxiety concerning resumption of tertiary institutions, students of the University of Abuja have been informed of the calendar changes. Changes which resulted from the covid-19 pandemic.

University of Abuja main gate

Most notable among the activities in the calendar is the fact that two academic sessions supposed to run for two solar years have been crammed into the entirety of 2021.

With the first session, 2019/2020, ending the July, the 2020/2021 session is supposed to be concluded in December with a convocation ceremony attached to it in January 2022.

The calendar comes with another notable change: Virtual classes. 

While expected in the peak stages of the nationwide lock-down last year as mentioned in an earlier article here(link), the platform was riddled with issues concerning registration. At the beginning of this year, the school management circulated information concerning a recommence-ment of the virtual classes and instructed students to get themselves acquainted with the platform. Details on how to login are here.

As usual and expected, there were problems with accessibility as only a few students were able to gain entry. Further findings by Bonychicken revealed that the platform had initially only granted access to 100 and 200 level students with access for other levels only granted very recently. 

So far, the usage of the platform for actual learning has not yet begun as staffs of the university have been undergoing training on how to make optimal use of the platform.

It is expected that while strict measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 in the university are in place, the virtual classes would resume soonest, and perhaps next week.

If you need more information on how e-learning platforms work, Daren, who runs CourseForMe as https://courseforme.com  has put an article together to explain that here.

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