With black pointed heels

She drew my being to her lowest chambers

When the inner door slightly opened

She lowered her cheek to smoothest shoulders


One finger beckoned me come

As we made tickling sounds of ecstasy

On the sheets where her hands touched me

With a downhill crawl to my mountains


She undressed with tempered peace

Unveiling the line between pointed breasts

Lifted within was a sick boiling passion

As she licked my rod of milky galaxies


Our skins met and turned to wax

Melted by hot sweat flowing from my spine

Running past my waist to hers

Was the warm poison of wet unfiltered love

Her head moved like oiled wheels


Around my tower of two stones

Her tongue dancing into my mind

In soft enslaving twirls

Like a thief she led me gently


Into her cave of moist treasures

And one thrust into darkest heaven

Made my sanity bend to endless madness

She whispered a few words


Just moments before stars exploded

As I gripped her tightly to myself

Feeling every drop of her whole

Pulling me closer to her zest


And Enveloped in a cloud of her moans

I failed to hear the violent taps of rain

Splashing with lower timbre and grit just outside

I slid inside with purpose


Staring into her eyes with stale intent

I kissed her with such royal gait

Making her scratch a thousand letters to my back

Was it the way she rode me


Like a horse made of iron

Or the way she told me that

I was a gift wrapped in a riddle

That set my loins ablaze


With each colliding touch

It felt like music in my head

Slippery and loud

As her thighs stuck to my body and soul


She bent towards the east

And let me completely in

Compelling my stride to her tide

With every note her hips played


I heard my name in strange tunes

Emanating from parted vibrating lips of hers `

As we clapped our steaming flesh

To the mighty storm within us


She came like a goddess

Shaking with rhythm and grace

To the beats my hardened rod conjured

In her tightest bowl of bliss


Again and again she massaged my ears

With joyful sighs of varied shades

Quelling my first hunger

And making me long for the last


Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

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