Vanity, A Poem By Edoka Okotete Pelumi

Vanity, A Poem By Edoka Okotete Pelumi

Daily we work, from dawn to dusk;
No time to rest, nor sleep;
We pray to die, and yet seek health;
We cry in joy;and rejoice in sorrow,
Saying"All is well" even though dying inside;

We work to achieve wealth, fame and riches,
all things that will perish;
We think only if today, and forget about the future;
We sow seeds, and wait for harvest time;
Worked till dusk, till our shoes weary us;

Our bones too weak to work,
and all we worked for taken and reaped by another;
Oh vanity, what a thorn you have left in my flesh;
All the shed blood and saved lives, to acquire things both good and bad, the sweat and dust, still gained nothing but pains.

By Edoka Okotete Pelumi

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